I can hardly describe how useful the Mobilizing the Past: The Potential of Digital Archaeology workshop was last weekend. The organizers: Erin Averett, Derek Counts, Jody Gordon, and Michael Toumazou built a solid schedule of talks with a very tight thematic focus. I don’t know when I learned more in a single weekend.

Bill Caraher, the self-described resident luddite, has already posted parts one and two of his review of the workshop.

Wentworth Institute, who hosted the workshop, wasted no time getting the finished videos onto their YouTube channel so you can see the talks for yourself.

Although it wasn’t the first talk of the conference, this is my blog, so I will start with my keynote: “Why Paperless?”

The YouTube videos are almost, but not necessarily broken into the same time chunks as the sessions.

Part 1: Session One:

Part 2: Session Two (most of it, the video stops during Buxton’s talk on Underwater Exploration):

Part 3: Sessions Two and Three (starts mid-Buxton talk):

Part 4: Session Four (starts at 46:00, the video stops during Caraher’s talk):

Part 5: (starts mid-Caraher plus Round Table Discussion and Plenary Lecture: “The Ara Pacis and Montecitorio Obelisk of Augustus: a Simpirical Investigation” by Bernard Frischer (Indiana University):