Having access to the PARP:PS database was invaluable when developing the Sangro Valley Project’s database and paperless workflow (see my first post for an overview and this post for more background information). In that sprit of cooperation I have made available an unlocked version of the database originally developed for the SVP. The database – which we have dubbed “Cera,” the Latin word for a wax writing tablet – can be downloaded here (see licensing below and in the ReadMe file that comes with the database). You can no longer download a demo of FileMaker Pro 11 directly from FileMaker. The file will work with the demo of FileMaker Pro 12, but it will need to be converted first.

This database should be considered unfinished. The basic excavation functions work quite smoothly, as do several more complex functions. There are a couple of features that I am not quite satisfied with. These include image handling, many of the computer layouts, and generating Harris matrices (this has always been considered an experiment, and I will write more on that later). For this season I plan to focus on refining and simplifying the user interface, redesigning our image handling procedures, and streamlining the behind-the-scenes running of the database. I am also in the process of transitioning to FileMaker Pro 12 to take advantage of the enhanced container fields and the FileMaker Go 12 improvements.

There are some features that were either borrowed from or inspired by the PARP:PS database. These include:

  • creating specific layouts for iPads
  • support for syncing from multiple iPads
  • an audit trail to track edits to all fields in the database

Most features of the database should be self-explanatory, but some may be unique to the SVP. Any questions about the database should be left in the comments section below or directed to motzcf(at)mail(dot)uc(dot)edu.

Thanks to Susan Kane, director of the Sangro Valley Project, for allowing this database to be made public.

Creative Commons License

SVP Database by Chris Motz is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.