It is hard to believe that anybody that reads this blog doesn’t read Bill Caraher’s Archaeology of the Mediterranean World blog but in case you haven’t noticed he has a summary of his iPad experience at PKAP.

This past summer my excavation on Cyprus experimented with using iPads to document our excavations in the field. Since 2003, I have co-direct the Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project with Prof. R. Scott Moore of Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Prof. David K. Pettegrew of Messiah College. Over this time, the three of us designed our archaeological methods, in-field procedures, and data structure. During the 2012 season, we embraced the opportunity to test and refine a web application developed by Prof. Sam Fee at Washington and Jefferson College. Messiah College generously loaned us the iPads. Our trench supervisors and excavators embraced the experiment. And Sam was willing to work within with our existing data structure, databases, and ontologies.

Details of the app that they developed are described in Near Eastern Archaeology (link to JSTOR but I had to download it from another of my University’s resources).