This post is a general call for information.

I am trying to gather enough information to create a current list of software available to archaeologists. This software can be commercial or free, but it should be distributable (that is, custom software written for national archaeological organizations that can’t be distributed won’t be listed here).

The programs can be written for either desktop or portable devices (smart phones, tablets, Palms, etc.) and I would be happy to include apps that are in progress with the intent to distribute as well as apps that are currently being distributed. I am sure that we would all like to share in your progress.

I have been aware of several apps in private development and have been offered the ability to test some of this software. Unless you give me permission to make it public, I won’t list those programs.

The organization and presentation of the material will depend upon the number of programs that I can find. So far I have decided to separate the device apps from the desktop apps. I might have a section on legacy apps (does anybody still use ArchEd or WinBASP (their website says that it is no longer supported but it seems to have been recently updated)?

If you know of any apps that others should hear about feel free to either leave a comment to this post or email me at

Thanks for your help.