From Blogging Pompeii:

For anyone who is working with complex digital objects, 3D models, simulations and visualisations I have convened a symposia (as part of POCOS funded through JISC) to discuss the problem of long-term preservation of complex digital material. Prof John Clarke will be giving the keynote on the Oplontis Project (and I am vey grateful to him as he will be flying in direct from the villa). There will be a number of presentations by people who have an interest in both digital technologies and archaeology in the Campagnia region.

Symposium on the Preservation of Complex Digital Objects

Date: 16th – 17th June 2011. King’s College London, UK
Key Note Speaker: Professor John Clarke, University of Texas at Austin, will be presenting on The Oplontis Project a “born digital” project.

See the post for more details.