Some additional projects to watch from the NEH awards list announced yesterday.

Items of interest from the April 2011 NEH Awards:

  • University of California, Berkeley Outright: $6,000 [Summer Stipends] Project Director: Michael Ashley Project Title: A Digital Reconstruction of the Archaeological Site Documents from Catahöyük, a Neolithic Settlement in Turkey
  • University of California, San Diego Outright: $50,000 [Digital Humanities Start-Up Grants] Project Director: Thomas Levy Project Title: Real-time 3D Archaeological Field Recording: Development of an Interoperable Open-source GIS Data Entry System. Project Description: The development of a prototype of an open-source field recording tool named ArchField, which will be tested at sites in Jordan and Israel.
  • Pepperdine University Outright: $6,000 [Summer Stipends] Project Director: Cynthia Colburn Project Title: Exotic Imports in the Social and Political Development of Prepalatial Crete (ca. 3000-1900 BC)
  • University of Redlands Outright: $24,956 [Digital Humanities Start-Up Grants] Project Director: Diana Sinton Project Title: Visualizing Flow and Movement for the Humanities Project Description: A workshop for GIS specialists and humanities scholars to develop methodologies toward visualizing the flow and movement of people and ideas across geographic space.
  • [Digital Humanities Start-Up Grants] Project Director: Angelos Barmpoutis Project Title: Digital Epigraphy Toolbox Project Description: The creation of a web-based application that will facilitate the preservation, study, and dissemination of ancient inscriptions.
  • University of Chicago Outright: $300,000 [Humanities Collections and Reference Resources] Project Director: Matthew Stolper Project Title: Persepolis Fortification Archive Project Description: Cataloging and digitization of administrative documents from Persepolis, the chief imperial residence of the Achaemenid kings in the homeland of the ancient Persian Empire.
  • Wabash College Outright: $6,000 [Summer Stipends] Project Director: Jeremy Hartnett Project Title: Society on Stage: Streets and Urban Life in Pompeii and Herculaneum
  • University of Missouri, Columbia Outright: $6,000 [Summer Stipends] Project Director: Susan Langdon Project Title: Archaic Terracotta Figurines from the Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore at Corinth, Greece
  • American Museum of Natural History Outright: $300,000
    Project Director: Paul Beelitz
    Project Title: Imaging the Mexican Archaeology Collection
    Project Description: The digital imaging of 49,920 objects in the Mexican archaeology collection that range in date from the twelfth century B.C. to the sixteenth century A.D. Digital images and catalog information will be available in an online database.
  • American Philological Association Outright: $111,000 [Fellowship Programs at Independent Research Institutions] Matching: $25,650 Project Director: Anthony Corbeill Project Title: Fellowships at the TLL Institute in Munich Project Description: One twelve-month fellowship a year for three years to allow American scholars to collaborate on international research for the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae.