While other universities are already thinking about their finals, here at UC we go to the second week of June (blame the quarter system for one more year). We also just now got our new iPads for this year. So I have been getting busy trying to figure out how the workflow will change if we have more than one iPad per trench and how we can best accommodate the needs of the trench supervisors who are in charge of the recording.

I have been working on the evaluation of the GIS space for iOS and hope to have something to say about that as well.

I have also been trying some replacements for iDraw and will post those observations soon.

While all that is going on I am still working on syncing the offline databases to a central database without errors. I have a skeleton plan in place and am looking forward to testing it next week. In the meanwhile, it is nice to see that others are thinking of this too, and I might look forward to a time in the not so distant future when syncing will be much easier. See this post called Why go Local? for an overview of the problem and a tech preview from SeedCode for their solution.