I was finally able to browse through the program for the 2011 CAA conference. One of the things that I like so much about the CAA is that there are so many new people attending each year that it feels like a whole new organization. So while some of these names and titles might seem familiar (I have seen a couple of papers by John David Schloen of OCHRE before and they are always worth hearing), many of them are so totally new to me that I don’t really know what to expect. That leads to some really interesting papers and as I leave the conference my head is full of ways to implement some of their ideas into our workflow.The paper titles that I pulled out here are mostly concerned with data creation and data management and analysis. There are several sessions on 3d modeling and geophysics. But if those are scheduled at the same time as a data management session, I will be at the latter.

The frustrating thing about the CAA is that there seems to be very little social media going on. The SAA last month had a good running hashtag on twitter: #SAA2011. I know that the CAA shares its acronym with the College Art Association and that #CAA2011 was used for their conference but that was in February and we should be able to come up with something to follow our CAA this year.

Metamorphoses: Co-referencing classical place data for the CLAROS Project
Sebastian Rahtz, Alexander Dutton

Being Formal and Flexible: Semantic Wiki as an Archaeological e-Science Infrastructure
Isto Huvila

Facilitating database content re-use for semantic feeds and mobile applications
Ian Johnson, Steven Hayes, Steve White

Semantic Technologies Enhancing Links and Linked Data for Archaeological Resources
Keith May, Ceri Binding, Doug Tudhope

A Digital Drawing Tool for Recording Excavations: the Nikon iSpace System
Geoffrey J. Avern, Wouter Franssens

New mapping function of archaeological information and its application in CHARDA-Xplore (CHinese ARchaeology DAtabase)
Dominic Hosner, Andreas Fleck, Mayke Wagner

New Digital Spaces for Philadelphia Archaeology
Glen Muschio

Documentation methods of archaeological records for further 3D GIS analysis
Undine Lieberwirth

Introducing Semantics – Pathways to Data Integration in Archaeology
Leif Isaksen, Kirk Martinez, Graeme Earl

The JISC Institutional Data Management Blueprint Project: Archaeological Implications
Graeme Earl, Hembo Pagi, Steven Johnston, Pam Wake, Michael Whitton, Kenji Takeda

Relational Database Implementation of CIDOC CRM to model interdisciplinary research
Gerald Hiebel, Klaus Hanke, Ingrid Hayek

Was it worth it? Experiences with a CIDOC CRM-based database
Ellen Jordal, Brit Hauge, Espen Uleberg

A multimedia system for storage, analysis and retrival of archaeological informationShuai Zhang, Huazhong Wang, Huaizhong Lin, Dongming Lu

An archaeological drawing method based on line drawing of 3D modelYingquan Shen, Mingquan Zhou, Guohua Geng

Data Integration and Exploration in the Online Cultural Heritage Research Environment (OCHRE)
John David Schloen

Digital Archaeological Excavation Information Protection and Application Framework
Changyu Diao, Dongming Lu, Yabo Dong, Huaizhong Lin

The Complete System of Digital Artifacts Preservation
Wuyang Shui, Mingquan Zhou, Zhongke Wu, Kang Wang, Xia Zheng

The Future of our Digital Past
Michael John Rains

Event-based archaeological registration principles
Peter Jensen, Casper Skaaning Andersen, Liv Stidsing Reher-Langberg

The research of The Display of The Historic Relics Migrations Based on G/S Model
Fang Miao, Dengxiang Xu, Lu Lin

e-Arch Archaeology Information System
Sihao Feng, Xiaohan Li, Tao Zhang, Jigen Tang, Shishan Niu

The Management of Three-Dimensional Cultural Relics Model
Jinjun Tan, Yachun Fan, Guohua Geng, Jing Guo, Zhe Shi, Yunpeng Pan

The World of Thucydides: from Texts to Artifacts and back
Matteo Romanello, Agnes Thomas

Digitalizing paper documentation – on the example of early Celtic settlement Altdorf “Am Friedhof” in Germany, in program ArcView
Julia Maria Chyla

Easy Recording System: solutions based on Web Free Apps databases
Bogdan Bobowski

From Scan to Scholarly Resource: a Greco-Roman Index for the Internet Archive
Brian Fuchs, Federico Boschetti, Darlington John