First, a configuration setting. Go to the settings app, select general, then keyboard, and turn Enable Caps Lock to on. This will let you type in acronyms like PARP or SU with a double tap of the shift key. The key will turn all blue with a white arrow. Also note the double tap . function. This is a holdover from the phone. If you are typing in a sentence and want to hit period, space, type the space bar twice.

Now, on to the homework. Add a couple of walls and two SUs.

You will need this drawing.

Duplicate your second drawing. Name it 29.4 lastname. Mine still has the scan layer, but it is hidden. Make it active, then delete the old scan and insert the new one (above). Rotate it and scale to match the outlines of drawing #2.

Make a new layer and call it SU. On that layer, draw the solid lines that represent the walls. Experiment with using each of the line tools available: brush, pencil, and bezigon.

Don’t forget to draw what looks like a floor surface at the top.

Once those are done, make a closed form with the bezigon tool for the two SUs. Trace the outline as much as possible. You might have to make the fill translucent before you draw so the solid color doesn’t cover up parts of your drawing while you are trying to draw. Make the two new shapes have no line, and a solid color fill (any colors will do). You can use the pen tool to cleanup the shape so it more closely matches the pencil drawing lines.

Use the align and order tool (the two square icons on the upper right) to send the SU shapes behind the wall outlines.

Then make your text layer active again. Reuse any elements that you do have and copy/paste to make any new ones needed.

Don’t forget that you can copy and paste group elements, too. Since there were three elevations on the first drawing, place those. Then select all of them and copy/paste. Move the three new arrows into place, move the numbers, and edit the numbers. Don’t forget the elevations.

This is my finished drawing:

And just to show what you can do with a digital drawing that you will never be able to do on paper, I added a couple of photos from the database to the drawing to more clearly illustrate what is going on.